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Chameleon Kidz pens are the perfect tool for teaching art to kids in a fun and engaging way! Teach your kids about colors or let them create custom color blends and incredible art!

  • Kids can color any way they want: there are hundreds of color blending combinations or use them like a regular marker.

  • To blend colors, place 2 pens nib-to-nib in a fusion chamber. The pen on top fuses its color with the pen at the bottom in 3 seconds! Disconnect the pen you want to use & start to color!

  • To spray colors, just put a pen into the Chameleon Kidz airbrush and blow for amazing results! Use stencils for pictures which can almost look professional!

  • Chameleon Kidz pens contain watercolor ink that is rigorously tested to all applicable global safety standards, making them safe for children - we do still recommend adult supervision.

  • Not suitable for children under 6 years old

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